• What causes change?

      We never really know what instigates change in the complex system that our body is. We know when something is not working properly, because then certain symptoms appear. Thus it was finally discovered that I had hypothyroidism, which means I had too little thyroid hormone in my body. The most common cause of thyroid gland failure is called autoimmune thyroiditis (also called Hashimoto’s thyroiditis), a form of thyroid inflammation cause by the patient’s own immune system. As the disease progresses, the TSH increases since the pituitary is trying to induce the thyroid to make more hormone, ...

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    • Just Start Reading!

      As I opened my e-mail this afternoon (it's Sunday) after a wonderful outing to Clairvaux Abbey in the Ardenne mountains in Luxembourg, with my friend Sally Magnusson, these wise words from Robin Sharma were waiting in my inbox. Since they were such a great reminder for me, I thought I'd share them with you: Hi Runa Language is powerful. The words we use drive the deeds we do. Call a condition a problem and you get to reply to it from the position of a victim. Speak an excuse, and you get to deliver your power to it, sometimes for a lifetime. Words can destroy people's ...

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