• Passion is the Key!

  • Many years ago I bought a magnet which read: "The Road to SUCCESS is always under construction!"
    I thought it was funny at the time, but in hindsight I think the saying is right. When we are working towards SUCCESS in any area, the road we are on is always under construction. We're laying it out as we travel it.

    Many people dream of financial freedom, so the sign could for that reason have read: "The Road to Financial FREEDOM is always under construction!" On that road we are constantly building the blocks that move us towards the income we want; the income that covers all our expenses and more; the income that allows us to travel and/or have free time with our family, children or grandchildren, depending what age we are, so I have a couple of questions for you:

    • Which Road are YOU on?
    • How's the Construction coming along?
    • How do you meet what you determine as "failures"?
    • Are you reaching your Goals, or staying stuck?
    • Do you give up when things don't work out as you imagined they would?

    I've always been an entrepreneur and love a business where I have flexible working hours. That's why the Direct Selling Industry is so perfect for me. I've always been challenged by health issues, so I value my health very highly. About six years ago it was, on a level of 0-10, ten being best, just between 0 and 1. That was a tough time, and it took me two years to get it back to where it is now - somewhere between 8,5 and 10 :)

    I'm a very passionate person, and cannot sell products or services I do not 100% believe in and/or use to improve my own health and wellness. I therefore feel very blessed to have found my niche in distributing products that help me stay younger, longer from the inside out - and allow me to keep a great looking figure as long as I like. It will allow me to live up to my tagline:

    "Shine bright like the STAR you were born to be!"

    My passion also lies in sharing with people how they can improve their quality of life. Living longer is one thing, but if that means a life filled with prescribed medications, limited mobility or general wellness, then the quality is gone.

    Ask me how you can stay younger, longer and get more out of life! You'll find me on Twitter @Runa_Bergmann, on the Facebook pages Runa Bergmann and Younger With Runa - or you can simply e-mail me.