There is one major reason why I do everything I can to stay healthy. I want to enjoy the quality of life that good health brings. Good health allows me to do all the things my heart desires, like travel, hike, be mobile and active every day.

I want my body to be healthy, so it can follow my mind, which is still only twenty-three. It believes I should easily be able to do all these things and have energy to play full out whether I’m at work or having fun.

That’s why I do my best to stay healthy.


If you read RUNA’S STORY, you’ll discover that my life has not always been a healthy one. Once I discovered which health issues I was dealing with, like candida for example, it took me some years to give completely up all the foods I had to avoid.

When I socialised, I wanted to eat the same as others and therefore fell prey to the power of my taste buds. Are you familiar with this behaviour? It took me a long time to break it. My health suffered, because when I only followed my diet 90-95%, I could not heal completely.

I heard my body complain but didn’t pay much attention to it. I promised myself to do better next time… but then next time came, and I fell prey to the same habits. Breaking habits can be really hard, in particular when they concern food. We so often socialise around food, and with special dietary needs you become an outsider.


It took me a long time to give up the illusion that I could somehow bend the law and be like everyone else. To accept and relish the fact that I’m different. It wasn’t until I had totally overworked myself, putting work and other people’s needs first as hotel owner for years, that I finally woke up. I had put the oxygen mask on others for so long, without realising that this pattern was leading me pretty close to the door of death. I knew all along what I needed to do to stay healthy, but still put things in the wrong order, so that my needs always came last.

Maybe it was hardest at that point,  to have to accept the fact, that I had through overwork basically run my body out of energy and health. Once I realised that, I was ready to everything I could to reclaim my health. Being as ill as I was, I finally understood the true value and importance of taking care of my body so I could stay healthy.

Once I recovered, which took me two years, I started on a mission to inspire people to take care of their health before it failed. If we take care of our health before the symptoms become too serious, we can usually recover. If not, we may wake up too late. I was lucky to be able to turn things around, but not all are.

Dancing with a native woman on Taquile Island in Lake Titicaca, Peru.


I take very good care of my health nowadays. I still tend to work too much, as that pattern seems to be the hardest to break. In spite of that fact, the mask goes on me first every morning. I start the day with exercise and meditation, followed by a healthy breakfast and supplements. I stay focused on what I need to do to reach my goals.

I plan on living till I’m 95. That would make me the oldest yet in my family, on both my father’s and mother’s side. My goal is to do more than just stay alive. I want to be healthy till my dying day, and to always be able to walk upright and unassisted. My goal is also to have great eyesight all my life, to have a clear and functioning mind and be able to communicate clearly with others.

My goal is to see my grandchildren graduate from college, and possibly see some of them get married. I make it an annual goal to spend quality time with them, making great memories, both for me and them.

Having this quality of life makes all the difference to me. I know I need to give up some things to get it, but what I get in return is so much more valuable.

There is no guarantee that I’ll reach my biggest goal and live as long as planned. I can however do the best I can every day to get there, by taking good care of my health.

Knowing that life is NOW, I also make the most of every day of my life.

Trust this post will inspire you to put more value on your health.

Sending you Love and Light
Runa – The Icelandic Health and Lifestyle Coach

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Photos: Feature photo by Haukur Gunnarsson – I’m at the Yamuna River in Agra, India.
Photo from Lake Titicaca: Hallfridur Ingimundardottir.

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Runa Bergmann
Runa Bergmann
Runa Bergmann is a Keynote Speaker, published Author and a Health and LIfestyle Coach. She has successfully been working in the personal development field in Iceland since 1990.
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Runa Bergmann is a Keynote Speaker, published Author and a Health and LIfestyle Coach. She has successfully been working in the personal development field in Iceland since 1990. >> Feel free to contact Runa