• Meet Runa

  • Hi and welcome to my page! My name is Runa Bergmann, and I'm a Network Marketing Leader, managing my business from home, and helping other people do the same. I'm also a Published Author, and have an extensive background in the Health and Wellness Sector, as a Speaker, Published Author, Workshop Leader and Health Coach. Coaching and using my skills as an intuitive clairvoyant I have  helped hundreds of people through the years, heal their emotional and/or physical issues.


    And Yes! You can find me on Twitter @runa_bergmann so feel free to follow me.

    I’ve been an entrepreneur all my life, running various businesses with my late husband, and we were a pretty good team. As a Network Marketer it's awesome to have another kind of Team, which is working towards the same goal! Financial Freedom. As you've guessed, I'm a widow, a mother of two amazing sons and a grandmother of five. When I’m not off on some adventure traveling around the world (I've been to 43 countries and 34 States), I love spending time with my grandchildren.

    My tagline: “Shine bright like the STAR you were born to be!"

    Feel free to connect with me on Twitter, my Facebook pages RUNA BERGMANN and YOUNGER WITH RUNA or by sending me an e-mail if I can help you in any way.