• What causes change?

  • We never really know what instigates change in the complex system that our body is. We know when something is not working properly, because then certain symptoms appear. Thus it was finally discovered that I had hypothyroidism, which means I had too little thyroid hormone in my body. The most common cause of thyroid gland failure is called autoimmune thyroiditis (also called Hashimoto’s thyroiditis), a form of thyroid inflammation cause by the patient’s own immune system. As the disease progresses, the TSH increases since the pituitary is trying to induce the thyroid to make more hormone, the T4 falls since the thyroid can’t make it, and the patient becomes hypothyroid.

    For the longest time no doctor seemed to know I had hypothyroidism, although they were guessing that was the cause of my symptoms, which were fatigue, weight gain, dry and coarse hair, hair loss, extreme cold intolerance, and decreased libido, to name a few. The most challenging symptom was being cold to the bone, day in, day out, since I live in Iceland, although the country is not as cold as the name indicates.

    Being a great fan of functional medicine, I wanted to do everything possible to find natural ways in which to get my thyroid to work properly again. Finally, early this year, I gave in to my doctor’s pressure and started taking medication (Armour) to see whether that would make me feel better, as my TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) was way too high. The side effects from the Armour were however so bad, that I had to stop using it within a month, as I was not prepared to start taking various other medications to counterbalance the one that was intended to support my thyroid. This was in mid April, and while recovering from the side effects and getting my blood pressure, which had shot up to extreme heights while on the thyroid medication, back into balance, I meditated, did yoga and wondered what my next steps would be.

    In the beginning of May I was invited to a Jeunesse Opportunity meeting. While listening to the presenter talk, I realized that one of the supplements she was talking about was based on Nobel Prize winning science I had learned about while doing research for a book I wrote back in 2012. That made me really interested, so I signed up.

    In order to see how these new supplements would affect my health I put aside almost 30 supplement bottles I had been using to get all the nutrients I felt I needed. Yeah, they were many, and I’ve always jokingly said that if I would overdose on anything, it would be supplements. However, I was now down to three bottles, and was getting even more nutrients from them, than all the ones I had been using.

    I took AM™ in the morning, PM™ in the evening, and FINITI™ morning and evening. I started using them towards the end of May, and by mid June I also added the antioxidant RESERVE™.

    By the end of July, it was time for a blood test to check my TSH levels. Early in 2015 they had been at 5,7, which I initially thought was a good sign, until the doctor told me it should measure between 0,3-3,0 according to endocrinologists, although I have since discovered that laboratory researchers use 0,5-5,0 as a guideline. In either case it was too high. I was therefore very excited to see whether my levels had changed any – and they had. They were now down to 1,6, which was quite a drop.

    I don’t know – but the only substantial change I made in my life during this time was to change the supplements I was taking. Trusting the drop in TSH levels happened because of something in them, I’ve decided to stay with them a lot longer.

    With this article I’m not making any medical claims for the products, just sharing my thoughts and story. What may work for me, may not work for others. I will keep on tracking my TSH to see whether this is an ongoing change. In the meantime I’m enjoying being HOT again!

    For more information on hypothyroidism check this website

    About the author: Runa Gudrun Bergmann has been in the Health and Wellness sector in Iceland for more than 25 years. During this time she has written articles, books, taught workshops, been a keynote speaker and an avid spokesperson for natural ways of healing. She is now an independent distributor of the Jeunesse Products. www.runabergmann.jeunesseglobal.com